The Rise of Kevin De Bruyne: A Footballing Legend

The Rise of ‘Kevin De Bruyne’ A Footballing Legend

Kevin De Bruyne is more than a footballer; he’s a maestro in the world of football. From a highly rated youngster to one of the finest midfielders in the game, his journey has been nothing short of exceptional.

Early Years Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne’s journey commenced with KVV Drongen in 1997, and he quickly climbed the ranks, joining Gent in 1999 and later moving to Genk in 2005. By 2008, he had earned a promotion to Genk’s first team. In May 2009, he made his debut for Genk, setting the stage for a successful career.

His role in Genk’s title-winning side during the 2010/11 season, with 17 assists and six goals, was a testament to his talent and vision on the field.

Chelsea and the Loan Spells

Chelsea came calling for De Bruyne in January 2012, but he continued at Genk until the season’s end and spent the next campaign on loan at Werder Bremen. In the Bundesliga, he shone brightly, scoring 10 goals in 34 starts before returning to Chelsea.

However, opportunities at Chelsea were limited, and after just nine appearances, De Bruyne made a significant move to Wolfsburg in January 2014.

Wolfsburg was the stage where De Bruyne blossomed into one of the best playmakers globally, smashing records with 16 goals and 21 assists during the 2014/15 Bundesliga season. His efforts earned him accolades like Bundesliga Player of the Year and Footballer of the Year.

Manchester City A Match Made in Heaven

In the summer of 2015, De Bruyne joined Manchester City, and it was a match made in heaven. His debut season left a lasting impression, quickly making him a crowd favorite with match-winning performances. He became an integral part of the Blues’ attack, orchestrating, providing, and finishing moves, making him indispensable.

His first season at City was a spectacle, with 16 goals and 15 assists, earning him the title of City’s Player of the Season.

The Peak of His Career

The 2016/17 season saw De Bruyne lead the Premier League in assists, and the following season, he was instrumental in City’s title win. Injury interrupted the 2018/19 campaign, but he still played a crucial role in an historic season, even winning Man of the Match in the FA Cup final.

The 2019/20 season was a stellar one for the Belgian, matching Thierry Henry’s Premier League assist record. He received numerous prestigious honors, including UEFA Midfielder of the Year and PFA Players’ Player of the Year.

The brilliance continued in 2020/21, with De Bruyne’s contributions helping City to more silverware. He was named the PFA Players’ Player of the Year for the second successive time. In April 2021, he penned a new four-year deal.

In the 2021/22 campaign, he demonstrated his brilliance with 19 goals and was named Etihad Player of the Season for a record-equalling fourth time. He also finished third in the 2022 Ballon d’Or

International Journey

De Bruyne represented Belgium at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, marking his third appearance at the showpiece, following 2014 and 2018. Although the tournament ended in disappointment, his contribution to the Belgian national team is undeniable.

Kevin De Bruyne remains one of Manchester City’s greatest signings of modern times. His prowess in the opposition’s half has helped City win vital games and secure their third consecutive Premier League title. He featured prominently in City’s run to the FA Cup final and the historic Treble win.

Kevin De Bruyne’s legacy continues to grow as he remains a key figure in City’s success, demonstrating excellence on the field.


In the world of football, few names shine as brightly as Kevin De Bruyne’s. From his early days at Genk to becoming Manchester City’s midfield maestro, his journey has been a masterclass in skill and determination. With a remarkable ability to score, create, and inspire, he’s etched his name in the annals of football history. De Bruyne’s accolades and records speak volumes, but his impact goes beyond the statistics. He’s an icon, an inspiration, and a symbol of what’s possible through talent and hard work. As his career continues to flourish, there’s no doubt that Kevin De Bruyne is a true legend of the beautiful game.

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