Chasing the limelight Rachin Ravindra

CHASING THE LIMELIGHT A Rising Star in the 2023 Cricket World Cup


Chasing the limelight THE LEGEND IS BORN

The 2023 Cricket World Cup has been ablaze with thrilling moments, but none have shone as brightly as the meteoric rise of New Zealand’s all-rounder, Rachin Ravindra. In just his second hour on the grand stage of the World Cup, he found himself thrust into the spotlight by the New Zealand captain, entrusted with the task of bowling against the tournament’s reigning champions.

A Fiery Debut

Rachin Ravindra, a 23-year-old all-rounder hailing from Wellington, did not shy away from the challenge. He took the ball and, with unwavering determination, delivered his left-arm spin during the 17th over of England’s innings. It was a baptism of fire as England’s aggressive batsman, Harry Brook, decided to take him on. What followed was a display of fireworks as Brook smacked away Ravindra’s third, fourth, and fifth deliveries for two fours and a six.

The climax of Ravindra’s over was nothing short of poetic. As Brook attempted another aerial shot, he found himself caught by none other than Ravindra’s hometown teammate, Devon Conway. With this wicket, Rachin Ravindra notched his first in an ICC Cricket World Cup. While he couldn’t add more wickets to his tally, he demonstrated his mettle on the global stage, completing his 10-over spell with commendable resilience, despite conceding 76 runs.

The Name that Echoes Legends

But there’s more to Rachin Ravindra than just his cricketing prowess. His name is a tribute to two iconic Indian batsmen who have left an indelible mark on the sport – Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar. Born to parents of Indian descent, they found inspiration in the names “Rahul” and “Sachin.” Combining the two, they created the name “Rachin” – a fitting homage to these legendary cricketers.

A Stellar Debut with the Bat

As the curtains rose in Ahmedabad, Rachin Ravindra had another opportunity to shine, this time with the bat. Due to an injury sidelining New Zealand’s prolific batsman Kane Williamson, Ravindra found himself in a position usually reserved for the Kiwi skipper. Unfazed by the occasion and the initial failure to score off the first six balls he faced, the curly-haired left-handed batsman decided it was time to make his mark.

In the fifth over, Ravindra launched a spirited attack against England’s fast bowler, Chris Woakes. The result was nothing short of extraordinary. Five sixes and 11 fours later, he reached a century off just 82 balls, making it New Zealand’s fastest World Cup century. His unbeaten innings of 123, in partnership with close friend Devon Conway, who top-scored with 152, led to an unbroken 273-run partnership, solidifying their dominance.

Player of the Match

Rachin Ravindra’s remarkable performance did not go unnoticed. He was rightfully awarded the title of “Player of the Match” for his all-round excellence. He had showcased his skills with both bat and ball, claiming one wicket and an astounding 123 runs. His name buzzed on social media long after the match, with many celebrating his journey from a young spectator at the 2019 World Cup final in Bangalore to a century-maker on the world stage.

A Kiwi at Heart

While Rachin Ravindra acknowledges his South Indian roots and the connection they offer when visiting his grandparents in Bangalore, he proudly identifies as a Kiwi. His achievements have not only etched his name in the annals of cricket history but also underlined the rich tapestry of diversity and talent that characterizes the sport. As he continues to shine on the world stage, Rachin Ravindra stands as a testament to the global nature of cricket and the enduring influence of legends like Dravid and Tendulkar on emerging stars.


Rachin Ravindra’s journey in the 2023 Cricket World Cup is not just a rising star’s tale; it’s a testament to the ever-expanding boundaries of the sport and the extraordinary potential of those who dare to chase their dreams. With each performance, he sets a new standard for aspiring cricketers and reinforces the global allure of cricket. As the World Cup unfolds, all eyes are on this Kiwi sensation, as he continues to redefine what’s possible on the cricketing stage.

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