Why wear a sleep cap when sleeping

Only the head is exposed when sleeping, which is roughly the same function as the eye mask. In addition to hair care, it has the effect of preventing wind and colds. It is not necessarily the shape of the hat, as long as it has these functions, it can be called a sleep cap.


  1. Keep cold and warm, and promote sleep: Wearing a hat and a pair of socks while sleeping can protect you from the cold and keep warm. Swedish physiologists have confirmed that people who sleep with socks and caps have diastolic blood vessels in the lower limbs and head and neck, with unobstructed blood, and can fall asleep quickly. Many patients with intractable insomnia often recover without medicine;
  1. Wearing a garter cap to sleep can maintain head temperature and reduce heat loss (75% of the body heat is emitted from the head), which is extremely helpful in preventing colds, bronchial asthma and diabetic avascular necrosis; more importantly Yes, sleeping with a cap can also avoid the formation of thrombosis and greatly reduce the incidence of cerebral infarction. At the same time, sleeping with a cap is very helpful for preventing colds, bronchial asthma and diabetic avascular necrosis.
  1. Wear a sleep cap to sleep. You can keep your hair style when you wake up in the morning, and you will not mess up your hair style when you turn over. The same applies to long hair..