What kind of beanie hat suits you?

The first one depends on your face shape, the second one depends on your own style, and the third one depends on what you use.  

Let's look at your face shape first. If you have an oval face, this is the standard beauty face. The oval face has always been the best-looking since ancient times, and the face is full and majestic. In fact, you can wear any hat with this face shape, but it is best to wear a dome hat. This will make you more well-behaved and sweet.  

The second is the round face. The round face is cute, and the lines are relatively smooth. In this case, you can wear a raised hat with a long face, such as a Panama hat or a beret. Make the face shape more angular. Secondly, you can also wear a baseball cap to press your forehead to make your face more compact.

The third is our most troublesome oblong face. Girls with oblong faces have longer faces but smaller widths. It is best to choose a hat that can cover the shape of the face, which can visually shorten the length of the face, such as a newsboy hat. Or choose a hat with a lower brim to block the forehead and make the lines look smoother.  

The fourth is the square face. The face shape of the square face is very cold. This kind of high-level face has a strong sense of line. Generally, it is a straw hat with a square or a rounded brim. The hat will modify your facial lines. It will make the face look more coordinated, and the top hat is a good choice.

Most people’s faces are heart face, and heart faces are generally suitable for all kinds of hats, but also pay attention to that the brim of the hat must occupy 1/3 of the face, and it cannot be pulled too low, so that it will look like your face. If you are too small and don't wear a peaked cap, it will make your head more compact.

According to your outfit, if your overall style is cool, then it is best to wear a baseball cap or peaked cap, if your overall outfit is more idyllic, then you can wear a top hat.  

It depends on the purpose of the hat. General sports hats will have different protective designs according to different sports types. For example, cycling hats, running hats, etc. have functions such as breathability, windproof and light resistance; casual hats are soft and breathable, Fashion and other functions.

 If you like what kind of hat, the main thing is to let yourself like and use it, not to look at other people's eyes.