What clothes to wear for running in summer

When running, it is best to wear polyester clothes, which absorb sweat and dry quickly. The clothes should be loose and less restrictive.

Wearing less clothes in summer has higher requirements for body shape. Many people choose to run to lose weight. What clothes to wear while running has also become a problem.

Wear when running to meet the requirements of sweat absorption and quick-drying. When a person is in a state of exercise, the body will emit a lot of sweat; when a person is in a state of stopping exercise, the discharge of heat and sweat is much less. Clothes made of polyester are easy to wash and dry, strong, durable, elastic, and resistant to deformation. 

It is best not to choose cotton products. Cotton products have good water absorption, but they are difficult to evaporate in a short time. When the exercise is stopped, cold and damp clothes make people feel uncomfortable and take away the heat from the skin surface. , Produce a feeling of cold, summer should pay more attention to the problem of sudden cooling after exercise.

The role of clothing for sports is to keep warm, and running emphasizes the active adjustment of breathing and organizing breathing. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes for the upper body or lower body. When the clothes are loose enough to be kicked or split, the clothes will not cause any restraints and obstacles.

Wearing long-sleeved trousers during exercise is better. After the body's temperature rises, muscle activity and contractility will be greatly improved, and the less likely it is to cause muscle strain. Ordinary people will be taken away before the body temperature reaches the temperature after they are exhausted from running. Doing other actions at this time can easily lead to injury.