What are the precautions for summer running?

Summer is a very suitable season for exercise. Due to the hot weather, people are used to staying in air-conditioned rooms, and they are prone to dizziness and fatigue after a long time. In fact, in summer, running and other sports should be the most important way to keep fit. However, if running is to no avail, it is easy to get injured. So, what are the precautions for summer running?

  1. Time is important

The principle of choosing a running time is actually very simple, that is, choose the coolest time, usually in the morning or at night, be sure to choose a place with sufficient lighting.

  1. Location is important

Even if you are running at night, try not to run on the concrete floor, because the residual heat on the ground will still be high. If you are running during the day, you should choose a place with shade.

  1. Replenishment is very important

You should not only prepare mineral water every time you run a long distance, and drink beverages with electrolytes. Don’t think of drinking water when you feel thirsty. You should replenish water after exercising for a period of time. When you feel thirsty , You are already mildly dehydrated.

  1. Equipment is very important

Don’t wear old cotton T-shirts for running. Once sweaty and airtight, cotton T-shirts will make you suffer from running in the summer. Breathable and quick-drying sportswear is the right choice. You should also pay attention to sun protection when running in summer. It is best to put on some sunscreen and a sun hat. When the sun is full, it is best to wear sunglasses to prevent eyes from being burned.

  1. Safety is very important

Summer running, especially long-distance running, is best to run with a few people, so that you can take care of each other, and you can promptly remind or stop if there are bad signs. If you experience physical exhaustion, you can get help in time to avoid danger. occur. If you are running alone, it is best to control the distance within 10 kilometers and prepare a drink. If you experience heat stroke, you should stop immediately and move to a cool place to rest. If you feel serious, you should call for help in time. In addition, if you are running in crowded areas during the epidemic, you should wear a mask to protect yourself from infection.

  1. Route is very important

It’s best to choose a place with people for the running route. If you don’t have water in advance, you should choose a place with shops. When running, it is best to choose a lap route for easy return.

  1. Exercise control is very important

The length of running time should be based on your own ability, try not to run for too long, novices should be gradual, can run alternately, let the body slowly adapt.

  1. Relaxation is important

Relaxation after running is very important. After running, you should take a shower in time. This can effectively reduce the body temperature raised by running. If you don’t have the conditions to take a shower immediately, you should at least change your sweaty clothes in time to keep your body cool and prevent Bacteria grow. In addition, of course it is necessary to add water and nutrition.