The difference between exercise and fitness

What is the difference between exercise and fitness? For a long time, people think that exercise is equivalent to fitness. But in fact, there is a difference between exercise and fitness. What are the differences between exercise and fitness?

  1. The difference between exercise and fitness Whether in the early morning or in the evening, people coming to exercise can be seen everywhere in parks, squares, and small courtyards in the community, or running, playing ball, or doing aerobics. More and more people have entered the ranks of sports. However, exercise is not equal to fitness. If you want to have a healthy body, it is absolutely impossible not to exercise, but exercise does not necessarily bring people health.

Fitness experts warn: “Don’t just do one type of exercise. The effect of a single exercise is limited.” Because each exercise uses different muscles, or uses the same muscles in different ways, exercise diversification can make the body more comprehensive. health. In addition, changing the intensity and time of exercise is also an aspect of exercise diversification. If you do slow exercise on the first day, you should shorten the time and increase the intensity on the second day.

Fitness exercise is not a matter of overnight, it needs people to do it moderately, regularly and persistently. Especially for the elderly, the amount of exercise must be moderate, and too much greed can cause serious physical and mental fatigue.

2. What to do with muscle soreness after exercise

2.1. Stretching muscles after exercise can relieve pain. After exercise, you can lie on a sponge pad or rattan mat for a short rest. After a short rest, you can perform a headstand or a handstand against a wall. The time is 3-10 seconds, which can be performed several times, which is conducive to the return of blood from the lower limbs to the heart. Then shake the limbs, first shake, pat the thigh or upper arm, and then shake the calf or forearm.

2.2. Soaking with warm water after exercise can relieve muscle soreness. part application of oils, pastes or friction agents can also relieve pain. In addition, adequate warm-up exercises and reasonable finishing exercises can help prevent or reduce muscle soreness.

2.3. Massage to relieve pain after exercise. The first is to shake the limbs, mainly to relax the elbow, knee joints and the muscles of the limbs; the upper limbs are commonly used to press acupoints such as biased acupuncture points, Quchi, Shouwuli, Biyuexu, etc., which can relieve the soreness and swelling of the arms and elbows. And various discomforts caused by exercise such as shoulder and arm pain and neck spasm.

3. How to lose weight properly in the gym 3.1. Treadmill is one of the important fitness props in the gym. Under normal circumstances, people who are short and heavy can set the speed slower, such as between 6:45 and 6:55. This way you can protect your knees and avoid being crushed by your weight. We can run for 10 minutes and then walk for 5 minutes, and then a little longer as our physical fitness increases.

3.2. Sit-ups are a good fitness exercise. Generally speaking, you can make a group of 10 and do 6 groups, and you can rest for half a minute. In the process of doing it, you need to put your hands behind your head for protection. In order to protect the spine and exercise the abdomen, both when you are up or when you are falling, you must be standardized. Do not touch your legs completely. When you fall slowly, do not put down all of them. The abdomen must be tightened.

3.3. Finally, in terms of equipment training, we have to listen to the gym coach. Generally speaking, a light weight, more frequent training program is suitable for people with heavier weight. Some girls worry that exercise might make them look strong, which is completely unnecessary. Because when people lose weight through exercise, muscles are also lost while sweating. Equipment training can prevent people's muscles from losing too quickly.

4. Choose the right sports equipment

According to different sports in addition to being fashionable and beautiful, the design of sportswear also has certain protective functions to reduce the injuries that may be caused by sports. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly choose different sportswear and equipment according to different sports.