Sportswear matching skills

How to match sportswear? Nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with pure sportswear. More and more fashionable people are beginning to pursue the function and fashion of sportswear. We choose the most typical four sports scenes for demonstration, gather the latest sportswear in spring and summer, and create it for you. A perfect sporty look that is both practical and stylish!

Scenario 1: Fitness

A bodysuit with the function of ventilating and wicking sweat is indispensable. Functional fitness clothing can effectively protect and prevent muscle strains caused by improper force during fitness exercises. It is easy to sweat during fitness. You can choose a sweat band that suits you, which is fashionable and beautiful, and can prevent sweat from flowing into your eyes.

Scenario 2: Running

Both hiking and endurance running need to be equipped with light and breathable sports suits. To deal with different weather conditions, it is necessary to be equipped with a long-sleeved shirt with UV protection function to resist direct sunlight. It is very successful to have a hat that can not only protect the sun but also absorb sweat.

Scenario 3: Yoga

Bra, Top and yoga pants are indispensable. They need to have high comfort, but not good elasticity, strong wrapping, good perspiration and breathability. You can choose cotton or viscose material for more comfortable wearing .

Scenario 4: Beach sports

Sunny beaches, close to the ocean, are the first choice for vacation. T-Shirt and beach shorts are the golden combination of beach sports. Red, white and blue are always the basic colors of beach sports. Regardless of stripes, grids or prints, as long as these three colors are the base tone, the beach theme can be accurately captured. Essence.