Precautions for spring exercise

This spring seems to come late, and people hold back at home for too long. As the epidemic has been initially brought under control, many areas have lowered their prevention and control levels and allowed people to travel to places with few people outdoors.

It's spring, and the spring is bright and beautiful, with pink and willow green everywhere, and finally you can go outside to breathe. Many people like to go out for activities, exercise, and fitness. The following are the precautions for spring exercise.

  1. Wear a mask to avoid crowds

The epidemic is not over. You still need to follow the local epidemic prevention and control requirements when you go out to exercise, wear masks, do not gather or get together, and avoid close contact with people during exercise. Wash your hands frequently.

  1. Be prepared for activities

A while ago, the temperature was low and the body’s organs were at a lower level, and the muscles and ligaments were relatively stiff. Therefore, before exercising, be sure to perform sufficient preparation activities, move the waist and limbs joints, and rub Rub hands, face, ears and other exposed parts to promote local blood circulation and prevent muscles and ligaments from straining and damage.

  1. Keep warm

The temperature is low in the morning and evening in spring, so you should wear moderate clothes when exercising outdoors. After exercising, wipe off sweat with a towel in time and put on warm clothes to keep warm.

  1. Exercise should be moderate

If you exercise too much, sweat too much, blown by cold air, and moisture enters your body, you can easily catch a cold and induce various respiratory diseases; but if the exercise intensity is too low, the goal of physical exercise will not be achieved. It is generally recommended that the appropriate exercise length is between 30 minutes and 1 hour a day.

  1. Avoid fasting exercise

Many people go to exercise together in bed, feeling warmer and appetite after exercise. In fact, this is very unhealthy. After a whole night of digestion, there is nothing in the stomach. In the early morning, the human blood sugar is generally low and the blood is sticky, which is very harmful to the cardiovascular system and is prone to serious consequences.

  1. Replenish water in time during exercise

In the spring, the climate is dry and the body is sweating, so you should add water in time during exercise. It is suitable to drink warm boiled water, do "a small amount of many times", each time does not exceed 300 ml, and do not drink full at one time.

  1. Choose the right time for exercise

It is not advisable to exercise too early in spring. It is generally believed that the peak period of air pollution is around 6 o'clock in the morning. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to exercise when the sun is out. The oxygen ions in the air are the most abundant around 4 pm, which is the best time for exercise of the day. In addition, try to avoid haze and sandy weather.