How to clean winter jackets

Winter jackets are words written by people based on the pronunciation of English. Because these things originated from abroad and spread in, there was no such thing, so of course, there is no such word. With the continuous development of society, the cultures of different countries are greatly blended, so many foreign words transliterated have been produced. winter jackets are mostly zipper-opened winter jackets, but many people call some short-length, thicker, button-opened shirts that can be worn as winter jackets. Next, I will show you some tips on how to clean up your winter jacket.

Here is the content list:

  • Why are winter jackets popular
  • How to match the big winter jacket
  • What is the cleaning method of the winter jacket

Why are winter jackets popular?

  1. Suitable for most scenarios. Essential clothing for work, holidays, and home travel.
  2. Good matching clothes. You can wear long and short-sleeved shirts, long and short-sleeved T-shirts, and sweaters of various styles.
  3. Many winter jackets are also functional. For example, they can be worn on both sides, are made of wind and rainproof materials, some are elastic, and some winter jackets have a detachable liner, which can be worn from autumn to spring.
  4. It is easier to wash, maintain and take care of than suits. Suits generally must be dry cleaned and ironed. Functional winter jackets can generally be washed, only a few very high-grade types of wool or cashmere winter jackets must be dry-cleaned.

How to match the big winter jacket?

This kind of winter jacket with a large upper body was very popular in the 1980s and was a trendy product at that time. However, at that time, the classic collocation of this wide winter jacket was a short skirt + tube socks/calf socks, which contrasted the girlish style with thin legs, and there were also slim-fit high-waist nine-cent jeans that showed the ankle. Socks, as well as shorts/Bermuda trousers, and high waistline should be emphasized for the innerwear.

What is the cleaning method of the winter jacket?

Dirt on winter jackets generally includes three types: sweat secretions, various oil stains, and dust, and various pigment pollution. It must be cleaned before coloring. The cleaning method is to use a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball dipped in the cleaning agent to directly scrub the dirt on the surface of the winter jacket. Commonly used cleaning agents are

(1) a mixture of ammonia, alcohol, and water,

(2) some weakly alkaline cleaning agents,

(3) some special winter jacket cleaning agents.

For some winter jackets that are not too dirty, you can use (1) (2) cleaning materials, which are cheap and easy to get. For some dirty clothes or light-colored winter jackets, it is better to choose some special cleaning agents for winter jackets for better results. When cleaning, it should be fully cleaned. Especially for particularly dirty areas such as the neckline, cuffs, sleeve bottoms, etc., you should focus on the treatment, and then appropriate color to cover it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cover the dirty background color, especially light-colored winter jackets.

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