How to choose the Running Clothes

This article tells you how to wear for running. If the amount of running is not large and the strength is not high, wear it casually. If you run a lot or with high intensity, or want to run better, it is recommended to wear professional running clothes.

Based on own knowledge and experience in buying and wearing running clothes, the runner is summarized as follows, for reference only.

1. Match

Different temperatures can have the following combinations:

1.1 When the weather is hot Running shorts + running vest (compared to T-shirts, vests are more recommended, good heat dissipation, sleeveless can reduce friction)


1.2 When the weather is cold Running pants + quick-drying T-shirt / running long sleeves + windproof running jacket. 

1.3 When the weather is moderate According to needs, free combination The above are only personal favorites and can be combined freely, such as tights, jackets, skirts/shorts, long-sleeved jackets, short-sleeved...

Professional running clothes are required to absorb sweat, wick moisture, and dry quickly, and generally choose chemical fiber materials. Running shorts, running pants, running T-shirts and running long sleeves, you can choose a loose version or a compressed version according to your preference;

In addition, girls also need to exercise Bra when running. In hot weather, sports Bra can also replace running T-shirts. Please search for specific sports Bra classification and selection methods.

 2. Colors

If you often run on the road or at night, it is recommended not to wear darker colors all over your body; to wear some bright colors that are easy to be seen by drivers or others to ensure your own safety. You can also choose clothes decorated with reflective materials for running at night.



The size of the clothes is not standardized, and the sizes of clothes of different brands are often different. It is recommended to try them in the store before buying.


5 Other

5.1 Hat You can wear a hat if you need sun protection or protection from the cold.   

5.2 Sweat band

Sweat band can prevent sweat from hair from flowing into eyes. 

5.3 Warm headband

The warm headband can be windproof and warmth, protect the head and ears