How to avoid colds when running in winter?

The weather is cold in winter, but you still sweat and lose moisture during running. The cold air will also bring a dry feeling, which will increase the possibility of runners losing water. It is best to drink a glass of warm water before going out for a run to avoid hydrating immediately after or during a run. It is especially not recommended to drink cold water, which can irritate the stomach.

After running, the human body’s immune system will have a "window-opening period". At this time, the activity of the human body’s immune cells will be reduced. In addition, the body will be more susceptible to bacteria and viruses in cold environments, so it is very important to not pay attention to keeping warm and windproof. Easy to catch a cold. If you don't want to catch a cold and cough the next day after running, it is recommended to add clothing after running to quickly restore warmth, or you can quickly move to a warm environment.

When it is windy in winter, you should pay special attention to the running direction. If you go with the wind at first, you will have some fine beads of sweat on your body, so when you run back against the wind, you are at risk of catching a cold. So the suggestion: When running, go against the wind first, and then go home with the wind.