How many do you know the different of the clothing style and model?

The model of the clothing refers to the outer contour of the clothing worn on the body, generally there are A, X, O, T, H, V and other types.

Type A: Generally, the basic features of upper garments and jackets with waist or without waist and wide hem are basic features. Tops are generally fitted with shoulders or bare shoulders, hem is loose and enlarged, skirts and trousers are generally characterized by tight waists and wide mouths; they are stable , Stable and full of youthful vitality.

Type X: Tops and coats are generally characterized by wide shoulders, widening and waisting, and skirts and trousers are also characterized by waist-waisting; they have a sleek, graceful and natural beauty, which can reflect the characteristics of female body lines. .

Type O: Tops and coats are generally characterized by no waist and narrow hem; the body is oval; skirts and trousers are characterized by the sleek shape of the upper and lower widths; they have exaggerated and soft styling characteristics.

T-shape: Tops and dresses are characterized by short or fluffy short sleeves and tight-fitting body; they have the characteristics of simple, generous and feminine.

Type H: It has the basic characteristics of being slender, serene, dignified, smooth, and not close to the body.

V-shape: It has the characteristics of exaggerated shoulders, liveliness and chic.

Clothing pattern type is also called clothing shape and clothing outline. Different proportions of contours have different styling characteristics, which are summarized into kaleidoscopic clothing models, especially women's clothing models. The requirements for clothing pattern makers are quite high. There is a big difference between a skilled pattern makers and an ordinary pattern makers.

A good pattern makers will reflect the shape of the clothing itself, but also make people feel comfortable to wear, not feel tired, and the clothes that fit are very loose and have a strong three-dimensional effect.

The style drawing of the clothing determines the version of the clothing. The style belongs to the clothing design ( i.e. Technical File Designer ), and the version belongs to the clothing engineering ( i.e. Pattern Maker ). Generally, the normal clothing model is based on the international clothing data and the empirical data obtained by the pattern makers for many years. Each factory and brand company has its own more detailed data according to its own needs. It's called one company, one model each with its own characteristics.

The model is determined according to the style, shirts have shirt models, windbreakers have windbreaker models, overcoats have overcoat models, down jackets have down jacket models, and so on. The perfect and ordinary style of a style is an important factor for the cooperation of Designer and Pattern Maker. Some people say that the design is alive but the model is dead. This view is dismissed. For the same design drawing, the pattern makers with good technique will produce it. The soul of this style, which embodies the design drawings incisively and vividly, will be a handicraft with a soul and alive. On the contrary, it is not the case, the clothes that did not reflect the design are dead and uglier than the drawings. Therefore, the value and benefit of clothing are also completely different. Under normal circumstances, the price of clothing with a good model will be relatively higher.