Hey Take your fitness plan

Fitness training requires a fitness plan, and the formulation of a good fitness plan should be considered from all aspects, not only should it be easy to implement, but also should avoid the corresponding fitness mistakes, and combine its own actual situation.

Fitness plan formulation 1>   

Generally speaking, an easy-to-implement fitness plan should include:    1. Strengthen physical training Physical fitness training is a must-practice training item for every novice. Everyone has different physical fitness. When formulating a plan, you can gradually arrange the training intensity. Generally speaking, the main physical fitness training items are aerobic exercises, like running. Swimming, spinning, etc. are all possible.   

  1. Strength training   

Equipment training is also indispensable in fitness and shaping.

We can divide the strength training into several parts, such as according to the muscles of the chest, back, and shoulders. Different muscle groups have different training movements. Each group of exercises is arranged a certain number of times, with a weekly cycle. This exercise is This method can better increase our muscle content, and it is also very helpful for improving physical fitness.

Fitness plan formulation 2>   

  1. Exercise of compound movements   

Full-body compound exercise is very important to improve body coordination and overall beauty. When we exercise, we can combine different exercise groups to exercise, so that efficiency can be improved and more muscle groups will be exercised.   

In addition, our fitness program should also pay attention to warming up. Muscle relaxation before and after exercise can make our training easier to persist. If we encounter corresponding muscle strain problems, we can recover faster.   

The starting training action group should not choose the training group that is too heavy and too strong, which will cause excessive fatigue of our body muscles, and eventually cause our muscles to be injured or cause problems such as improper movement. In terms of diet and nutrition, a reasonable diet can help us maintain a better training effect. It should be noted that the diet is different during the period of muscle gain and fat loss. During the period of muscle gain, more attention should be paid to protein supplementation, and the principle of fat reduction period is to control Calorie intake.

In addition, it is worth noting that fitness is a habit that should be maintained for a long time. It is more effective to develop good habits than short-term high-intensity fitness. Friends who start fitness should not fish for three days and spend two days on the net. They should follow the corresponding plan. You can develop your fitness habit better by implementing it.