Features of functional sportswear

The function and style design of functional sportswear products are more suitable for people in sports. Base Layer clothing can efficiently absorb moisture from the skin and be evaporated or transferred to the next layer to ensure the best performance and comfort.

At the same time, functional sportswear has one of the biggest features, which is to ensure breathability and warmth while absorbing moisture and heat. When the temperature drops, sports clothing can keep people's body temperature without affecting their activities; when the temperature rises, they can also wick away sweat in time.

In addition, functional sportswear can ensure physical comfort under any conditions, allowing people to perform high-level physical functions, and expel excess heat and moisture from the body while resisting wind, rain and cold.

 Functional sportswear can choose the corresponding personal layer products according to different weather conditions. With the change of exercise intensity and temperature, the targeted personal layer products can well wick the human body perspiration and carry out reasonable moisture management, Provide professional protection to avoid overheating and overcooling.