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Cross-country skiing, running, yoga, cycling as well as casual place great demands on your clothes – especially if your goal is to perform optimally.

In chilly weather, your outfit should protect against low temperatures and cold wind and at the same time ensure that your body's excess heat is efficiently ventilated. And if you work out in warm conditions, the garments should offer enough cooling so that you can push yourself with an optimal body temperature. Besides sports, you don't have to worry about not having the right casual clothes.

Based on our long collaboration with some of the world’s best brands, we have created product guides for specific sports casual clothes designed to help you dress for optimal performance.

Have a great, perfect workout and casual life!

How to choose the right tights?

Ideal are our Empirelion finest tights. Designed for the dedicated running, yoga and workout. these tights are made of highly functional fabrics and come with the latest innovations to offer exceptional comfort in the different conditions.

How to choose the right baselayer?

We create functional baselayer for all temperatures and all kinds of activities. High-quality baselayer in which the materials and the technical features are designed to efficiently transport moisture (sweat) away from the body, where it either evaporates or is passed on to the next layer for optimal performance and comfort. In order to choose the right baselayer, you must first determine at what temperature and intensity level the garments will be used.

Empirelion baselayers are divided into five categories: Comfort, Intensity, Extreme, and Wool.

COMFORT for light excises and casual

COOL COMFORT -- Cool Comfort is made from the polyester fibers and provides efficient cooling and great comfort during workouts in warm conditions. Body mapped mesh panels, seamless design and semi-loose fit ensure optimal ventilation and a smooth, comfortable exercise.

FUSEKNIT COMFORT -- Fuseknit Comfort replaces the highly successful Active Comfort, featuring soft materials and a seamless construction that provide great comfort during most kinds of winter activities. Compared to its predecessor, Fuseknit Comfort is made of a finer fabric and comes with a different design.

WARM COMFORT -- Warm Comfort is the latest addition to our Comfort baselayer range, which also includes the Cool collections. The concept builds on the success of Active Comfort but comes in a thicker, warmer and very soft fabric. Designed for low-intensity workouts in cold conditions.

INTENSITY for hard training

COOL INTENSITY -- Cool Intensity is made of thin, lightweight and highly functional polyester, a high-performance fiber with propeller-shaped micro-channel cross-sections that provides excellent moisture management and breathability for superior performance during high-intensity workouts in warm conditions.

ACTIVE INTENSITY -- Active Intensity occupies the vacant spot between Extreme and Comfort and provides excellent function during intense activities in mild to cold conditions. Functional fabric in combination with seamless design, body mapped structures and athletic fit ensure great body-temperature management and comfort. Sports meet fashion.

WARM INTENSITY --Warm Intensity is a soft and functional baselayer designed for intense activities in cold conditions. A 3D-knit design with hollow fibers and body mapped climate zones keep the body warm where it's needed the most. The contemporary design harmonizes with the collection's active feel and dynamic nature. A great choice for alpine skiing.

EXTRAME for elite athletes

COOL MESH SUPERLIGHT -- Cool Mesh Superlight combines a channel fiber and a mesh construction with big holes to provide superior ventilation and cooling. This superlight mesh fabric has a structured surface that allows air-channels to form between the skin and the garment, enhancing ventilation even more. 

ACTIVE EXTREME 2.0 -- Active Extreme 2.0 is the next generation of highly functional baselayer that allows athletes to perform optimally in fair and cold conditions. It is made of a high-performance fiber with propeller-shaped micro-channel cross-sections that provide excellent moisture management and breathability for superior performance and comfort. Developed for devoted athletes

ACTIVE EXTREME 2.0 WS -- Active Extreme 2.0 Windproof combines the superior body-management and ergonomics of Active Extreme 2.0 with the outstanding wind-protective properties. Featuring Windproof panels in exposed areas, Active Extreme 2.0 Windproof provides excellent wind protection, breathability, moisture transport and comfort throughout any workout in fair, cold and windy conditions.

WOOL for cold condition

MERINO LIGHTWEIGHT -- Merino Lightweight is a thin merino wool-based concept that provides warmth and comfort during low- to medium-intensity activities in cold climates. The fabric’s soft and fine fibers ensure a smooth touch against the skin, making the garments a great choice for alpine skiing, trekking and hunting. Odor-free by nature. Non-mulesing.

WOOL COMFORT -- Wool Comfort is a functional crossover collection with a casual feel designed for medium-intensity activities in cold conditions. The fabric consists of 52% polyamide, 43% wool and 5% elastane with the wool on the outside for warmth and the polyamide on the inside for enhanced moisture transport. The garments are soft and comfortable and perfect for stop and-go activities such as alpine skiing, trekking and hunting.

NORDIC WOOL -- Nordic Wool is our warmest baselayer and the perfect choice for low-intensity activities in really cold conditions, such as hiking, hunting, ice fishing and cross-country ski touring. Made of a soft and thick double-weave wool blend with air pockets that trap heat, these garments keep you warm and comfortable even when the temperature goes way south. Polyester closest to the skin provides great moisture transport while wool/polyamide (80/20) on the fabric’s outside offers excellent insulation and durability.

There are many different baselayers in several different materials. Maybe you plan to use your baselayer for various purposes such as running and skiing or perhaps some less intense activity. For optimal performance and comfort, it’s important to always choose the right type of baselayer – since a cold or overheated body can turn the most fun activity into a highly uncomfortable experience. In this guide we help you find the right material and baselayer for your specific activity.