Color matching of sportswear from the Tokyo Olympics

In the context of the global pandemic of the new crown virus, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally met with everyone after being postponed for one year. When we watched various competitions, we were also moved by the higher, faster and stronger Olympic spirit of all athletes. While cheering for our outstanding athletes, we were also proud of their outstanding results. .

   In addition to the difficult time of the Tokyo Olympics, there are many highlights that deserve attention. Putting our eyes on the opening ceremony for the time being, the clothing of the delegations of various countries, their clothing not only represents their own country, but also represents fashion, color, matching and practicality, which is full of highlights. From their clothing, together Look and explore the trend color matching of sportswear.

   Japan, as the host of Japan, this red opening ceremony jersey is quite meaningful, meaning a tribute to the design of the national team uniforms for the 1964 Olympic Games. Red and white have a youthful and modern home decoration in home decoration. White can be used in a wider range and can’t go wrong, but red is not recommended for large areas and can be used as a decorative color for clothing.

Compared with Russia, which is restricted from using any elements with national flags and ethnic themes, it has fewer "routines." Nonetheless, it could not prevent the "battle nation" from showing their national pride. They boldly put the national flag color "red, white and blue" on their bodies.

  Dark blue is highly saturated and has a strong visual impact. It also looks advanced when combined with clothing design. White as a gentle color penetrates into it, and it will surely create a satisfactory clothing design.

  Kazakhstan, the color matching of clothing makes people's eyes bright, the combination of turquoise + dark blue reminds people of the vast prairie and blue sky, permeated with the fresh beauty of nature. Turquoise + dark blue is more common in sportswear items, as an embellishment hue, making sportswear more lively.


   The United States, the team uniform is the traditional national flag color system, red, white and blue are still the most familiar formula. The biggest highlight of this suit is the use of RL Cooling wearable cooling patented technology, and a "personal cooling device" is installed in the white jacket.

  The blue + white color of the clothing is like blue sky and white clouds, which makes people feel bright. Such color combination in clothing matching can easily give people a refreshing and refreshing feeling, super youthful vitality.

   China, with two colors of red and white as the main tone, the overall clothing is centered on the elegant Chinese style of clothing, continuing the classic design of the Chinese small stand-up collar, and cleverly combined with Western-style clothing tailoring. The clothing uses the national flag red that best represents the patriotic spirit, which complements the Olympic special white match. At the same time, it partially draws on the cultural connotation of the national first-class cultural relics of the Han Dynasty Shu brocade armguards.

  White represents brightness, purity, and sacredness, and plays a role of reconciliation in the clothing. The matching of red and white makes it brighter and more jumping in the environment of the main venue of the opening ceremony.

   This Tokyo Olympics believes that athletes from all delegations will show their true style and strength, achieve good results, and carry forward the Olympic spirit.