Are fleece jackets good for winter?

Recently, the erratic cold air has caught us off guard. In autumn and winter, we often encounter wind, rain and snow. As the human body temperature will change according to wind speed and cold air temperature to a certain degree, a windproof winter fleece coat that are both warm and wind resistant are indispensable. Is there one less thermal winter fleece jacket in your closet?

Here is the content list:

  • How to classify winter fleece jackets according to the function?
  • What are the precise detail treatments of winter fleece jackets?
  • What is practical significance of customization of winter fleece jackets? 

How to classify winter fleece jackets according to the function?

Due to the different methods of forming winter fleece coats and the different materials used, the types of warm winter fleece coats are extremely rich, and it is really not easy to generalize. In order to facilitate the selection and use, here are classified according to different functions.

The fleece used in winter fleece jackets can roughly achieve the following functions: warmth, windproof, light weight, quick-drying, wear-resistant, stretchable, easy to compress, easy to manage, antistatic, anti-splashing, etc.

Most of the common winter fleece jackets can achieve one or more of the functions, which can be simplified into two categories according to the main functions: one is warmth, the other is windproof.

Simply put, fleece is the process of making the fabric or the inner material produce shorter velvet. However, regardless of the material of winter fleece jackets, the thickness is still the main basis for determining thermal performance.

What are the precise detail treatments of winter fleece jackets?

Winter fleece jackets have soft fleece and feel warm to the touch. They are just right to wear in winter. Compared with ordinary jackets, winter fleece jackets have better bulkiness, fine texture and elasticity, and thick and soft feel.

The fleece interlayer can support the air gap, the air is firmly locked, and can be used as a warm layer to keep the body temperature, so as to achieve the effect of keeping out the cold. In addition, the details of winter fleece jackets are also very delicate.

  • Shoulder stitching

The stitching technology of winter fleece jackets at the shoulder and neck position is quite mature, and the routing is also very neat, giving people a nice feeling at first glance. In addition, support for customization also adds a lot of vitality to the jacket, making the clothes not dull and boring.

  • Cuffs & zippers

According to customer requirements, the cuffs of winter fleece jackets can be elasticized to prevent cold wind from entering. The zipper of winter fleece jackets is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is strong, durable, safe to use, and particularly easy to pull without jamming.

  • Waterproof treatment

Another advantage We have to say is that the surface of winter fleece jackets is treated with water repellent. Even in the cold and humid season, water drops can slide off the surface gently to prevent the fabric from absorbing water and swelling, so that we can wear which without fear of wind and rain.

  • Breathable treatment

What’s more, the special fabric of winter fleece jackets can also let the hot sweat and moisture be better discharged, keep the clothes dry and reduce the sultry feeling. It can be seen that winter fleece jackets can not only meet outdoor needs, show personal charm, but also meet the needs of urban daily life.

What is practical significance of customization of winter fleece jackets?

After thorough market research, we found that people not only pay attention to the price of winter fleece jackets, but also have more diverse demands on colors, textures and styles. Winter fleece jackets have many categories, rich color patterns and strong design expression.

The overall fabric style is young and the price is reasonable. It is loved by the majority of young consumers. At present, there are more and more manufacturers of winter fleece jackets in the market.

For this reason, it is particularly important to research consumer preferences and design knowledge of this emerging product, and to make it knowledgeable and systematic. The design and production of winter fleece jackets, and online sales and promotion are all important with realistic meaning.

When purchasing warm winter fleece coats, consumers can choose different thicknesses appropriately according to their warmth requirements. Empirelion supports the personalized customization of windproof winter fleece coats, which can satisfy your pursuit of fashion while taking into account the characteristics of warmth, windproof and antistatic. If you are looking for information about thermal winter fleece jackets customization, you can ask our customer service for further information.